About Us

Sanat Hali that Kartal Hali starting the trade in 1985 and being one of the export champions brought in Turkish Carpet Sector took its place in the sector with the slogan of "Art engraved in the carpet" and unique designs.

Sanat Hali adopting business ethics, self-devotion and discipline as the principles, considers its products as the decoration tool beyond the floor covering and process the carpets with unique patterns, modern weaving techniques and its own design team and offers products for every taste. Sanat Hali being open to innovations as well as traditionalism took its place in the sector assertively as an "innovative" and "unusual" brand with its unique style and different yarns. It gets its consumers together with perfect products by means of distribution network undergoing stabile and permanent rising and developing continuously at short notice by prioritizing the quality and consumer satisfaction.

Founded: November 2014

Affiliation: Wholly owned subsidiary of the Kartal Group Gaziantep
Area: 2,500 m2 (26,900 ft2) warehouse,
1,000 m2 (10,800 ft2) showroom with office


Impression (European collection)
Sanat Hali (Turkish collection)


Handling of direct imports
Deliveries via pallet,
just in time for the whole of Europe
Single bales, just in time for the whole of Europe
B2B shop
Drop-shipping for the whole of Europe
Certifications: Ökotex, BCSI Employees: 7

Kartal in Gaziantep

Area: 120,000 m2 (1,292,000 ft2)
Employees: 1,250 in production, 150 in sales and administration
Weaving machines: 41
Yarn production: 1,500 t/month
Certifications: BSCI, Ökotex ISO; products comply with the social standards of Walmart and Lowe’s in America

Other locations:

Kazakhstan: production with
7 weaving machines, 250 employees
China: 3 warehouses
Sanat Teppiche Europa GmbH · Lise Meitner Str. 5 · 50259 Pulheim